At Bendigo Baptist Church, we have made giving easy for you.


ways to give BBC


You can continue to give cash on a Sunday in church.

You can set up direct deposits - contact the office for more details.

You can use the iGive portal provided through Baptist Financial Service.

You can give through the Generous App - via your mobile phone or online.


To use the GENEROUS App (available for both Android and Apple OIS) -   

LOGIN using your Church Giving Account username/password, or, for NEW USERS, +CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
Once you have entered your details, all you need to do is login here at the WEBSITE or on your MOBILE DEVICE. Giving is then very easy.

We love to be generous at Bendigo Baptist Church!


Are you reading this on your phone right now?

You can click the TEXT TO GIVE button and get the process started straight away. 


Text to Give - 0488 807 553


On your PC or Mac? You will need to sync your device to your phone and give that way. 

text to give Bendigo church